Zach is a masterful networker, and the author of the book, “Don’t Sleep on Planes”. Zach’s passion includes helping people get over their fear of networking so they can connect with other people and engage with their own local communities. In this episode, we talked about networking, productivity, customer service…

Show notes

  • Introducing Zach Hall. [00:36]
  • Why small business owners should connect with their local community. [01:33]
  • The story behind Zach’s book, Don’t Sleep on Planes. [03:15]
  • The best way to effectively create connections. [05:07]
  • Why our lives are like gardens. [07:09]
  • Zach’s take on the 80/20 rule. [08:59]
  • How to start networking for people who are afraid of it. [09:47]
  • What it means to become an igniter in your network, and how it can help you grow your business. [12:52]
  • What a mastermind group is, and why you should join one. [15:44]
  • Zach’s version of the 80/20 rule. [16:53]
  • How to become more empathetic in the home service industry. [19:58]
  • How kindness gives back in ten folds. [21:18]
  • Zach shares the story of how sharing his universal contact list with a friend helped his friend generate $100,000 in new business. [23:34]
  • Why you shouldn’t ask close-ended questions. [26:22]
  • The four things that people love talking about the most. [26:44]
  • The difference when asking questions for networking vs for customer service. [30:03]
  • How to get over the difficulty of getting yourself out there. [32:52]
  • Why Linkedin is an important tool for career development. [34:02]
  • How to manage overwhelm with a 3x5 note card. [39:55]
  • Why making friends with the gatekeepers could make or break your business or career. [46:41]
  • The most important thing when it comes to customer service. [47:43]
  • The three books on Zach’s reading list. [49:36]
  • Zach’s most important piece of advice to business owners. [51:15]
  • Where to get more information about Zach and Don’t Sleep on Planes. [52:59]

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