Zac Garside is the CEO of Power Selling Pros, a company that gives personalized CSR & dispatch training to create a thriving culture of “WOW” experiences. He was previously Head of Marketing for the company, wherein he has personally coached more CSRs than he or anyone else at Power Selling Pros can count. He also hosts his own podcast called This Call May Be Recorded where he listens to recorded calls of CSRs and shares tips for improvement.

In this episode, we talked about CSR training, communication, coaching, dispatcher training, employee retention…

Show notes

  • Introducing Zac Garside. [00:56]
  • Dealing with the training process of CSRs. [04:58]
  • The importance of investing in CSRs and dispatchers. [08:39]
  • The best way to CSRs. [13:27]
  • How to show empathy to your clients. [15:18]
  • Establishing a successful relationship with your customer. [17:25]
  • The difference between a CSR and a dispatcher. [20:27]
  • How much CSRs should be paid. [23:48]
  • Zac’s insights on the average expectancy of a CSR. [25:34]
  • Ways to sell service agreements over the phone. [28:19]
  • The best way in handling rude customers. [35:00]
  • Two recommendations for dispatching software tools. [41:45]
  • Different aspects you should train your dispatchers on. [46:09]
  • Zac’s thoughts on service calls. [48:24]
  • What sets great companies apart. [55:05]
  • Tips for business leaders who aspire to become great communicators. [1:00:40]
  • How to get more information about Zac. [1:02:36]
  • Three books on Zac’s reading list. [1:03:32]
  • Zac’s most important piece of advice to home service business owners. [1:05:11]

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