Wayne Mullins is the founder and CEO of Ugly Mug Marketing. He has helped scale multiple companies while helping hundreds of entrepreneurs. He influences more than 250,000 entrepreneurs through his training program and books. He is the author of Full Circle Marketing: Transform Your Marketing and Turn Your Customers Into Evangelists. 

In this episode, we talked about culture, customer avatar, marketing, leadership…

Show notes

  • Introducing Ben Davis. [01:12]
  • More about Ben’s business background. [02:19]
  • A pivotal point in Ben’s life. [06:15]
  • The benefits of ServiceTitan, and utilizing software to track KPIs. [09:38]
  • Creating powerful content with the right photos. [13:33]
  • How Ben’s business transitioned from servicing commercial to residential. [17:01]
  • What a curbside evaluation is. [22:23]
  • How Ben lets his tech handle the service call independently. [23:09]
  • The importance of choosing the right people during the hiring process. [24:20]
  • About RapidHire and Ben’s full training and apprentice process. [25:13]
  • The importance of the turnover process during apprenticeship. [28:43]
  • What the 6 options are all about. [33:39]
  • Ben’s KPI goals for his techs and his target conversion rates. [35:27]
  • Challenges with coaching veteran business owners on new business methods. [40:38]
  • Becoming efficient with automation vs. hiring more staff. [45:27]
  • Why it’s about who you hire and how you take care of them.  [50:29] 
  • The importance of talking to and motivating your CSRs. [55:33]
  • The mistake that small companies need to avoid. [58:14]
  • Ben’s views on pushing people out of their comfort zones. [1:01:24]
  • Hiring fast because top performers don’t wait. [1:07:35]
  • How to entice and retain the best of the best. [1:12:13]
  • The best way for business operators to learn and teach. [1:15:04]
  • Ben’s big plans for the next few years. [1:21:28]
  • How to get more information about Ben. [1:24:05]
  • Why you need to start just getting things done. [1:27:39]
  • Top books on Ben’s reading list. [1:30:33]
  • Ben’s most important piece of advice to home service business owners. [1:41:33]

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