Wade Langston Swikle is the founder and CEO of 2 College Brothers Moving, Storage and Franchising, He is also the founder of Smarter Moving Solutions LLC and the co-founder of Moving Titan Retreats, a mastermind retreat that brings together ambitious moving company owners worldwide to uplift the moving industry. Wade started his moving company with $600 and a pickup truck at the age of 21 while a student at the University of Florida over 11 years ago. From there, he grew the company to a multi-million dollar business with multiple locations and is now successfully franchising the concept.

In this episode, we talked about the moving industry, upselling practices, franchising, market seasonality…

Show notes

  • Introducing Wade Langston Swikle. [2:07]
  • The story behind Wade’s successful moving company. [3:24]
  • Growing a moving business through adding storage and commercial services. [11:08]
  • The top advice Wade would tell his younger self. [12:39]
  • Entrepreneurship, business growth, and industry insights. [15:02]
  • Franchising to quickly scale your company. [18:50]
  • Training and process development for moving industries. [20:39]
  • The best strategies for increased differentiation and customer satisfaction. [24:22]
  • The link between appearance and professionalism. [29:50]
  • Tommy shares why “Raving Fans” is such a great book. [31:16]
  • Three benefits of partnering with realtors and influencers. [33:19]
  • How to deal with seasonality, changing market trends, and staffing. [36:31]
  • Moving and storage services with upselling opportunities. [42:00]
  • Storage solutions and business expansion in the moving industry. [46:59]
  • The value of on-time arrival and excellent customer service. [47:04]
  • Developing marketing strategies and enhancing networks for successful businesses. [48:58]
  • Why sales training eventually leads to personal growth. [54:00]
  • Three books on Wade’s reading list. [55:26]
  • How to get more information about Wade. [58:17]
  • Wade’s most important piece of advice to home service business owners. [58:53]

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