Victor Rancour is the President of Absolute Airflow and the CEO of Service Hero Academy, which provides powerful training resources for beginners and intermediates in the industry, as well as those who are struggling to increase their sales.

In this episode, we talked about maintaining honesty with employees to promote loyalty, rebranding your company, advertising opportunities during COVID, the power of training and promoting from within…

Show notes

  • Introducing Victor Rancour. [01:01]
  • More information about Victor. [02:07]
  • Victor’s sales training app. [05:01]
  • Focusing on EBITDA and not just revenue. [10:24]
  • Why business owners need to be honest about both the good and the bad. [16:33]
  • How honesty with employees can help with morale to retain the right ones. [18:26]
  • How Victor rebranded his company. [21:32]
  • Opportunities with billboard advertising during COVID. [25:15]
  • About Leland Smith. [29:19]
  • The responsibilities of a call by call manager. [32:22]
  • Why training and promoting from within is effective. [35:21]
  • What Victor dislikes about how certain business owners run companies. [42:02] 
  • What Victor wants to achieve with his hires in training. [47:16]
  • How Victor defines his passion to train. [54:36]
  • Victor’s thoughts on software. [58:44]
  • How Victor grew his business very quickly. [1:04:52]
  • Victor’s recommendations about recruiting. [1:05:39]
  • How to get more information about Victor. [1:06:45]
  • Three books on Victor’s reading list. [1:07:16]
  • About the Service Hero 10x Event. [1:08:27]
  • Victor’s most important piece of advice to home service business owners. [1:10:40]

Resources And People Mentioned:


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