Jim Leslie is the Chief Technology Officer of A1 Garage Door Service. He is known as Tommy’s right-hand man and go-to guy for building software needed by A1, and is also a great contributor to the success of organizing Vertical Track events.

In this special episode of The Home Service Expert Podcast, Tommy and Jim talked about Vertical Track, and what participants can expect from the 3-day live event in October.

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Show notes

  • Introducing Jim Leslie. [0:52]
  • Jim’s career journey prior to joining A1. [1:38] 
  • Jim talks about the checklist app he’s currently working on. [4:51]
  • What Vertical Track is all about. [8:26]
  • Some vendors that A1 currently is working with. [9:43] 
  • Why Vertical Track now has a networking ticket option. [11:55]
  • Why Tommy decided to organize Vertical Track. [12:38]
  • Why Vertical Track expanded into other home service industries. [13:33] 
  • Deciding the most appropriate key speakers for Vertical Track. [14:09] 
  • Why Vertical Track stands out from other similar events. [18:03]
  • Some key insights from the previously held Vertical Track event. [19:23]
  • Partnerships that Vertical Track has established. [20:39]
  • What the future of Vertical Track looks like. [22:21]
  • Some of the most important topics that home service owners can expect to learn from Vertical Track. [25:10]
  • Tommy’s definition of what “freedom” is. [25:37]
  • What to prepare for the upcoming Vertical Track event. [27:30] 
  • Where Vertical Track got its name. [30:13]
  • What else to expect from the upcoming Vertical Track event. [34:02]
  • How to get more information about Vertical Track. [37:22]
  • How Jim keeps track of all of Tommy’s ideas. [37:48]
  • A book that Tom bought for his team. [40:21]
  • Jim’s closing message to home service business owners. [42:48]

Resources And People Mentioned:


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