Val Sigmon is the President of Entrematic, a global leader in entrance automation. He began his career in 1995 as an assistant Door Center manager at Amarr (now part of Entrematic). Since then, he has held several executive roles within the company across multiple areas, including sales, customer service, product structure, applications engineering, supply chain, and human resources.

In this episode, we talked about sales management, new business development, customer service…

Show notes

  • Introducing Val Sigmon. [1:20]
  • Val’s professional journey, and his rise to the top. [4:34]
  • The secret sauce in the company’s success. [7:14]
  • The downfalls to having too many locations. [8:18]
  • How the entire process works, from manufacturing to distribution. [9:21]
  • The evolution and mindset differences in various sectors of the home service industry. [14:24]
  • Why there’s still a ton of opportunities for industry players out there. [18:20]
  • Prioritizing the value you provide to customers over the way you price your products. [20:58]
  • Coming up with pricing for an overall structure like Entrematic’s. [23:57]
  • Strategy on leadership, and in getting everybody on board to make decisions. [27:25]
  • Handling employee frustrations, especially during times of crisis or difficulty. [29:42]
  • The most difficult part of leadership, and the value of transparency and openness. [32:13]
  • Words of wisdom on creating a great company culture, continuing a good legacy, and fulfilling a shared vision. [37:48]
  • The importance of a sense of belonging in a company. [41:40]
  • The unexpected “kiss of death” mistake that businesses make as they grow, and how to overcome it. [43:38]
  • How to become better clients to your vendors. [46:14]
  • What the next decade looks like when it comes to technology, specifically in terms of cost versus investment. [50:15]
  • Why customer relationships are still at the core of technology adoption. [56:08]
  • How to get more information about Val. [59:11]
  • Three books on Val’s reading list. [1:00:00]
  • Val’s most important piece of advice to home service business owners. [1:01:57]

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