Tonya Eberhart is a speaker, book author, and founder of BrandFace, a firm that provides assistance to entrepreneurs and owners in building their brands and landing more clients. She also established the Reboot Campus online training platform for media sales professionals. Two of the books in the BrandFace series, including BrandFace for Entrepreneurs, were co-authored by Michael Carr, a BrandFace client turned co-author and partner.  

Michael Carr has been a top-selling real-estate auctioneer since 1991, with 25+ years of experience and involvement in over 74,000 home sells. In 2013, he began working with Tonya to put the BrandFace concepts into play in his own companies, and has seen massive success as a result. Today he is the CEO of Michael Carr & Associates and a partner in BrandFace.

In this episode, we talked about branding, speaking, digital marketing…

Show notes

  • Introducing Tonya Eberhart and Michael Carr. [0:32]
  • A bit about Tonya’s background, and how she got into branding. [2:05]
  • Michael talks about his career history. [4:46]
  • How to develop a brand and give it a face. [7:50]
  • The level of specificity required for determining your audience. [9:48]
  • What they both learned throughout the course of their careers. [11:46]
  • The biggest challenges they both faced. [14:32]
  • The 5 common misconceptions when it comes to working on a business’ brand. [22:05]
  • The fundamentals of branding. [25:48]
  • Why price shouldn’t be the focus in business. [28:10]
  • The significance of having a powerful brand, especially for a small business. [33:18]
  • Things to avoid in personal branding. [35:22]
  • Some good examples of successful branding. [37:30]
  • Valuable advice for busy home service entrepreneurs. [40:14]
  • How to align branding with hiring. [42:17]
  • How to brand your business on a budget. [46:50]
  • Where listeners can sign up for free brand training. [59:11]
  • Important books on Tonya’s and Michael’s reading list. [1:00:22]

Resources And People Mentioned:


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