Tommy Griffith is the founder of ClickMinded, a provider of SEO training courses for marketers, agencies, and entrepreneurs. Through ClickMinded, Tommy uses his knowledge and expertise, honed by a decade-long career that includes working with top companies such as Airbnb and PayPal, to teach effective strategies on how businesses can quickly and massively grow their organic traffic and sales.

In this episode, we talked about SEO, content marketing, automation…

Show notes

  • Introducing Tommy Griffith. [1:20]
  • Why he wrote an eBook on how to start a fraternity, and how that led to him eventually getting into PayPal and Airbnb. [3:15]
  • What a typical day looked like during his six-year stint at PayPal and Airbnb. [6:23]
  • How ClickMinded came to be. [8:57]
  • The courses they teach, and why those courses matter. [12:15]
  • The tools they use to help generate reviews from customers. [16:05]
  • The topics of each course, and their approach to diving into each of them.[16:28]
  • How he manages his free time, and why he decided to jump into business in the first place. [17:58]
  • The significance of culture at Airbnb. [22:47]
  • The secret to making a brand like Airbnb or PayPal a household name. [28:55]
  • The standard operating procedures for ClickMinded courses. [37:39]
  • Social media as an untapped resource, and how home service professionals can take advantage of it. [42:07]
  • How to apply the principles of SEO on other platforms such as Yelp. [46:04]
  • Where and how a business with five people or less should start building themselves up. [50:55]
  • Three books on Tommy’s reading list. [56:37]
  • Tommy’s most important piece of advice to home service business owners. [59:48]


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