Tom Peregrino is the President of Service Nation, the US’s largest home service best practice organization. He has over 25 years of experience in the home service industry. Tom first started out in sales in the mid-1990s and then eventually owned and operated his own company, Daffan Cooling and Heating. In 2021 he sold his company and joined Service Nation to create Alliance Premier, a large-scale coaching and training platform.

In this episode, we talked about KPIs, recruitment strategies, contractors…

Show notes

  • Introducing Tom Peregrino. [2:37]
  • The story behind Tom’s journey to becoming President of Service Nation. [4:05]
  • The role of Key Performance Indicators in growing your business. [10:41]
  • How COVID affected home service industries. [13:30]
  • The most important KPIs to look out for. [16:48]
  • Understanding the impact of turnover ratios. [21:40]
  • Why performance pay models are key to employee retention. [27:47]
  • The pros and cons of performance-based pay models. [31:31]
  • How Tom shaped the growth and success of Daffan Cooling and Heating. [34:28]
  • The significance of understanding how a person is wired. [39:41]
  • Community engagement as part of a business owner’s mission. [44:03]
  • Recruiting tactics Tom uses to identify potential in people. [50:35]
  • Exposure to practices and mentorship are crucial for success. [57:26]
  • The advantages of conducting virtual sales training. [59:05]
  • How to get more information about Tom. [1:00:27]
  • The new mentality in today’s business landscape. [1:01:47]
  • Three books on Tom’s reading list. [1:02:50]
  • Tom’s most important piece of advice to home service business owners. [1:04:32]


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