Tom Howard is ServiceTitan’s vice president of customer service and the co-founder of Blue Collar Profits. An experienced home service entrepreneur and consultant, Tom owns multiple residential and commercial service companies in California, including a pest control company and an engineering company.

In this episode, we talked about business forecasting and planning, marketing strategy, lean management, business management training…

Show notes

  • Introducing Tom Howard. [1:18]
  • What Tom is doing right now as a business owner, and his prognosis on the ongoing pandemic. [3:00]
  • More information about Tom: his career history and progression, and how he got to where he is now. [7:49]
  • How we should be approaching business during this pandemic. [13:04]
  • Tom’s thoughts on current research and possible treatment for COVID-19. [16:50]
  • How Tom was able to grow his businesses so quickly within such a short period of time. [21:58]
  • How Tom decides on which businesses to buy, and what he looks for in a potential acquisition. [25:34]
  • Some nuggets of wisdom Tom has learned in the industry over the years, from managing to operating procedures to tech and other aspects. [29:55]
  • Why Tom believes that 99.9% of problems within a company are management problems. [33:06]
  • Tom’s perspective on the Lean methodology, and what it shares with the Henry Ford model. [37:43]
  • How to pick and choose a leader who can withstand business challenges and eventually develop to be a second-in-command. [42:13]
  • Tom’s observations regarding the poor habits of many businesses, from his experiences at Blue Collar Profits. [47:55]
  • Why running a business properly is like driving a Ferrari. [50:53]
  • How to get more information about Tom. [51:41]
  • Three books on Tom’s reading list. [51:58]
  • Tom’s most important piece of advice to home service business owners. [52:37]

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