Tim Brown is the CEO and founder of Hook Agency and the author of 101 Proven Ways To Hook Better Leads. His boutique digital agency specializes in combining visual design and SEO for small businesses and construction companies. Tim is a content strategy evangelist who has been featured on Forbes, Neil Patel, NBC, and Fast Company.

In this episode, we talked about organic vs paid advertising, the importance of great website content, SEO, handling websites that don’t rank…

Show notes

  • Introducing Tim Brown. [01:18]
  • About Hook Agency and Tim’s view on the future of SEO. [02:28]
  • Tim’s view on organic vs. paid advertising. [07:12]
  • Understanding LSAs. [09:31]
  • The importance of good, sufficient content on a website. [10:23]
  • What a meta title is and why it’s important. [15:42]
  • Why having your own training organization is important. [19:16]
  • What you need to ask your SEO expert about. [23:12]
  • What SEO is really all about. [25:57]
  • Branded vs. non-branded keywords. [28:10]
  • Link-building and why it’s important. [34:37]
  • What HARO (Help A Reporter Out) is about. [35:07]
  • How to handle a beautiful website that doesn’t rank. [40:40]
  • Tim’s views on website redirects. [49:04]
  • How to avoid coming off as too salesy on your website. [50:34]
  • How website videos affect your SEO. [55:36]
  • How to get more information about Tim. [57:06]
  • Three books on Tim’s reading list. [57:46]
  • Tim’s most important piece of advice to home service business owners. [59:51]


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