Thor is the founder of Peak Performance Group and the host of Peak Performance podcast. He is a successful entrepreneur who has founded, bought, and sold several multi-million dollar business throughout his entrepreneurial journey. As a profitability coach, his passion lies in helping business owners grow their bottom line through better execution. In this episode, we talked about accountability, client relationship management, hiring…

Show notes

  • Introducing Thor Conklin. [00:36]
  • Why you can’t have everything, and what you can do about it. [05:47]
  • How 9/11 influenced Thor’s personal and professional life. [06:32]
  • One mistake that a lot of people make in life and business. [07:28]
  • The relatable challenges that Thor faces, and how he plans to overcome them. [10:10]
  • How to create a roadmap for your life. [13:28]
  • Thor’s secret formula to success. [15:12]
  • What a vision is and what it is not. [19:55]
  • The three important requirements for profitability. [21:39]
  • Thor shares his top tips for boosting productivity. [22:38]
  • How to get your business to the next level through effective delegation. [25:36]
  • Why leadership in most organizations isn’t effective. [28:01]
  • The difference between an accountability partner and an accountability manager. [32:22]
  • How to find yourself an accountability manager. [33:33]
  • Thor’s most effective client relationship management tactic.[36:38]
  • The biggest execution killers to watch out for. [40:56]
  • How Thor’s relationships suffered from working in the business. [46:14]
  • Thor’s solution to hiring and finding great people. [57:08]
  • Why you should never hire anyone you can’t fire. [01:08:27]
  • Three ways to hire great talent. [01:09:33]
  • Where to get more information about Thor. [01:10:24]
  • The three books on Thor’s reading list. [01:12:21]

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