Susan Frew is the author of Pufferfish Effect. A CEO, professional speaker, and business coach, she propelled her family business to reach the Inc. 5000 with her own formula and experience, simultaneously overcoming a devastating employee theft that almost took their company down. She has coached 150 different companies and 17 different trades to success during the 2008 Recession, and has honed her skills across two decades to help business owners overcome adversity and achieve success.

In this episode, we talked about business consulting, leadership development, change management, budgeting…

Show notes

  • Introducing Susan Frew. [1:40]
  • What got Susan into the trades, and her plans for the future. [3:35]
  • More information about Sunshine Plumbing Heating and Air. [5:01]
  • Mike Michalowicz’s Fix This Next program, and becoming a certified coach. [7:11]
  • The 12 Points of Love philosophy, and how to help a company provide exceptional service to its customers. [9:50]
  • Marketing the 12 Points of Love philosophy. [11:56]
  • Some significant lessons that have an impact on life and business. [13:54]
  • The marketing secrets that grew a company by 535% in just one year. [21:19]
  • Discovering your Wow: What it means, and why home service business business owners need to find their Wow. [26:08]
  • Making your customers feel important, memorable, and special. [28:43]
  • Getting more people interested in the skills trade. [33:45]
  • Opportunities for women in the skills trade. [36:26]
  • How businesses should be realigning their strategies for the next year, in preparation for the new normal. [38:30]
  • Giving for the sake of giving, and not turning charity into a publicity stunt. [41:41]
  • On hiring slow and firing fast. [44:25]
  • A tried and tested strategy to create an amazing culture. [48:27]
  • Three books on Susan’s reading list. [50:22]
  • How to get more information about Susan. [52:28]
  • Susan’s most important piece of advice to home service business owners. [53:09]


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