Steven Knight is a partner at Mosaic Home Services, a company aiming to build Canada’s largest home improvement franchise network. Since 2016, Steven and his team have invested in 10 home improvement brands, growing each by an average of 58% per year. He is an active member of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization, Young Entrepreneur Council, and the Global Shaper of Communities. He’s also been featured internationally in Forbes, among other publications.

In this episode, we talked about franchising, recruitment, cross selling, customer satisfaction scores…

Show notes

  • Introducing Steven Knight. [00:57]
  • More information about Steven. [02:23]
  • How to choose between investing in a business and starting your own. [03:42]
  • Understanding the 4C method. [04:47]
  • What Mosaic is doing with their franchise models. [08:00]
  • Franchising versus growing organically without a franchise. [09:28] 
  • Things to consider before getting into franchising. [10:44]
  • How to market your franchising business. [12:20] 
  • Identifying your core client. [13:50] 
  • How to select customers that fit your service targets. [16:04]
  • Determining your ideal marketing mix and servicing according to need. [17:27]
  • The perfect technician and hiring an ideal fit. [20:01]
  • The best way to recruit. [22:55]
  • A mock interview with Tommy. [24:20]
  • Steven’s hiring style. [26:08]
  • Who should talk more in an interview. [27:36] 
  • Steven’s role at Mosaic. [28:42]
  • Decreasing cost of leads by finding cross-sale opportunities. [30:21] 
  • Canadian business regulations and requirements. [32:31] 
  • Mosaic’s core leaders and company vision. [34:38] 
  • Mosaic’s talent referral program. [36:34]
  • Why providing discounts doesn’t always work. [37:43] 
  • Knowing who your business is and isn’t for. [39:50] 
  • Understanding and focusing on your bottom line. [43:47]
  • The benefits of referral networking. [44:57]
  • What to consider before franchising your business out. [47:34]
  • Learning to focus on your top performers. [50:32]
  • How to become a better leader. [52:56]
  • The importance of measuring internal and external customer satisfaction scores. [54:38]
  • What Mosaic uses Hubspot for. [56:35]
  • How to avoid spamming customers. [57:42]
  • How to get more information about Steven. [58:47]
  • Three books on Steven’s reading list. [59:48]
  • Steven’s most important piece of advice to home service business owners. [1:00:35]

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