Steve Sims has been called “The Make-a-Wish Foundation for people with really big checkbooks.” As the founder and CEO of Bluefish Concierge, he is a master at granting requests and creating fulfilling and memorable experiences for his clients, no matter how big or small their wishes may be. He is a speaker, consultant, and author who has been featured in numerous publications (including Forbes and the Wall Street Journal), and has even spoken at the Pentagon and Harvard.

In this episode, we talked about Entrepreneurship, Communication, Relationship Building…

Show notes

  • Introducing Steve Sims. [1:02]
  • The amazing story of Steve’s early career, and how he reached success. [2:44]
  • How to attain the right mindset for an entrepreneur to really focus and accomplish something before moving on to the next goal. [8:50]
  • How Steve Sims became Steve Sims: How he built bridges and forged connections with the right people to make his customers’ dreams come true. [12:30]
  • A simple but effective way to figure out what motivates a customer and what makes them tick. [19:05]
  • How to know when a team member needs to be fired. [22:15]
  • Getting better results through different approaches than through habitual action and mindless repetition. [26:23]
  • Why many entrepreneurs tend to just set higher goals upon hitting existing goals, creating a never-ending cycle. [31:27]
  • How to figure out what truly makes your internal customers tick. [38:00]
  • Why it’s more important to connect with people you already have a relationship with versus going out and trying to always replace them. [45:30]
  • Three books on Steve’s reading list. [53:43]
  • Steve’s most important piece of advice to home service business owners. [56:53]

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