Steve Gadsby is the owner of FurnaceUSA, a company seeking to simplify HVAC equipment installation process for homeowners across the US. He grew his previous company Canada Furnace into a multi-million dollar business in less than five years, and was recognized by as one of the best home service businesses of 2016 and 2018. In this episode, we talked about relationship marketing, sales, leadership…

Show notes

  • Introducing Steve Gadsby. [00:30]
  • How Steve got his first referral. [05:19]
  • The two biggest challenges Steve faced in his business. [07:34]
  • How to effectively delegate to your employees. [08:44]
  • Why hiring people you can trust is essential in delegating successfully. [10:51]
  • How to never run out of talent for your home service business. []
  • The turning point that changed Steve’s leadership style. [15:57]
  • How to create a team of great employees. [17:02]
  • How to keep your team productive during down seasons. [21:49]
  • The metrics to keep a close eye on when you’re working on the business. [24:24]
  • The marketing channels that helped Steve put his business in front of his audience. [28:18]
  • How small business owners can prepare to compete with bigger competitors. [31:40]
  • How to make strategic partnerships work for your business. [33:58]
  • What FurnaceUSA does, and why they need partners across the US. [40:42]
  • The qualities that Steve is looking for in potential partners for FurnaceUSA. [44:33]
  • Where to get more information about Steve and FurnaceUSA. [51:31]
  • Two books on Steve’s reading list. [55:26]
  • Steve’s most important piece of advice to home service business owners. [57:28]

Resources And People Mentioned:

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