Sky Stephens is the co-founder of the Association of Professional Builders, a business coaching company that provides cutting-edge systems, world-class support, and sales & marketing training to the construction industry. She has been working with builders since 2014, helping them grow their businesses sustainably and consistently.

In this episode, we talked about marketing communications, social media marketing, strategic planning, CRM, sales management…

Show notes

  • Introducing Sky Stephens. [1:28]
  • More information about Sky. [2:33]
  • Why sales is important – and where we fail. [5:50]
  • The secret to changing anyone’s negative mindset about selling. [8:03]
  • Why sales can’t be fully automated, and why you need a team backing you up. [13:54]
  • Closing sales, sales as a numbers game, and being in deal limbo. [15:42]
  • The best way to build your marketing to your target customers, and how to find your avatar. [21:16]
  • Paid ads, and the best spot to put money into when you’re starting out in business. [25:46]
  • More about Sky’s sales process. [29:30]
  • Knowing where you should be on social media. [35:25]
  • The important KPIs that business owners need to be focused on. [38:49]
  • The value of consistency and being focused. [42:23]
  • Tall poppy syndrome, and why it’s a limiting mindset. [44:45]
  • The types of clients the APB usually works with. [46:13]
  • Three books on Sky’s reading list. [47:38]
  • How to get more information about Sky. [57:20]
  • Sky’s most important piece of advice to home service business owners. [58:35]


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