Simone is the owner of Demo Diva Demolition, a trail-blazing business in a male-dominated industry. She made her mission of helping her neighbors a full-fledged business success after she lost her home and her job in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. In this episode, we talked about management, marketing, business leadership…

Show notes

  • Introducing Simone Bruni. [00:36]
  • Simone shares her unique experience during Hurricane Katrina that led her to start Demo Diva Demolition. [01:15]
  • What set Demo Diva Demolition apart from the other businesses in the demolition industry. [02:50]
  • How guerilla marketing can be an effective strategy to promote your business. [06:19]
  • The biggest business challenge that brought Simone to her knees, and how she overcame it. [10:26]
  • The most important piece of advice for getting your business to the next level. [14:37]
  • How Simone learned the humility to be frugal in business. [22:49]
  • The three things Simone would do differently if she could start all over again. [24:47]
  • Why having an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) tech may not be good for your business. [32:25]
  • The most non-obvious mistake that most entrepreneurs make. [35:20]
  • How to refine your big ideas before implementing them. [36:57]
  • Why having a strong company culture is crucial to any business. [40:01]
  • What you need to do to win the bid first. [44:40]
  • Simone reveals her inspiring passion project that gave her an interesting nickname in the local community. [48:58]

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