Shawn van Dyke is a business coach, mentor, and expert in the construction and contracting industries. Drawing from two decades’ worth of professional experience, Shawn authored Profit First for Contractors, which details clear, actionable steps on how contractors can apply the Profit First formula to achieve sustainable profitability. Shawn also travels across the United States for speaking engagements, and to help construction business owners in developing streamlined processes and tailoring their operations for success.

In this episode, we talked about construction, contracting, coaching and mentoring, growth and leadership…

Show notes

  • Introducing Shawn van Dyke. [3:53]
  • Details about Shawn: His experiences in the contracting world and his path toward becoming a coach. [6:16]
  • How The Paperwork Punch List can help listeners become better managers and entrepreneurs. [12:23]
  • How to download The Paperwork Punch List. [15:59]
  • The “Boring Success Formula” and how it keeps you aware of whether you’re making or losing money. [18:19]
  • The myth of the “industry standard” when it comes to pricing. [28:31]
  • Developing a process that can help you understand what your customers need, and how you can better connect with them and address that need. [38:06]
  • How the principle of “selling whatever you’ve got” works. [45:05]
  • How entrepreneurs can change their mindsets from being influenced by Parkinson’s law – the law of induced demand. [55:14]
  • When and how to raise prices the right way. [1:15:10]
  • What write-offs are and why they matter. [1:24:00]
  • How you can ensure profitability by “starting at 1%”. [1:25:57]
  • Three books on Shawn’s reading list. [1:36:12]
  • Shawn’s most important piece of advice to home service business owners. [1:42:01]

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