Shawn is the co-owner and CEO of Reynolds Brothers Exteriors, a successful family-owned eavestrough & exteriors company in Toronto, Canada. In the years since they launched, they’ve received numerous recognitions, such as the Consumers Choice Awards, and HomeStars’ “Best of 2017” award. In this episode, we talked about customer service, hiring, leadership…

Show notes

  • Introducing Shawn Reynolds. [00:32]
  • How Shawn got started and became involved in different industries. [01:24]
  • Why business owners should spend time working and being in their businesses. [05:35]
  • How giving your team autonomy allows them to grow. [09:29]
  • What A-players look for in a company. [11:59]
  • Shawn talks about the struggles of running a family-owned business and how they draw the line between work and family time. [12:35]
  • How Shawn chooses which ideas to prioritize, and which to bump down in his to-do list. [17:31]
  • What Shawn considers to be his biggest entrepreneurial mistake. [24:41]
  • The one most common mistake that many home service business owners make. [25:40]
  • Shawn weighs in on commissions vs hourly pay. [28:08]
  • How to combine commissions with hourly pay to get the most out of your team. [30:21]
  • Why going into business with zero money can prove to be a liability for your business. [32:45]
  • The many disadvantages of becoming the price leader. [34:16]
  • How you can research to create better pricing for your business. [35:37]
  • What business owners can learn from 1-800-GOT-JUNK’s brand about customer service. [36:25]
  • The best compliment a business can ever receive from its customers. [37:43]
  • Why Shawn says it’s okay to lose money to provide great customer service. [40:16]
  • Shawn’s take on businesses accepting jobs that are not within their expertise. [42:12]
  • Tommy’s advice for business owners looking to offer services that are not their forte. [45:18]
  • Shawn’s hiring philosophy for identifying and hiring top performers. [47:50]
  • One out-of-the-box tip for attracting great talent.[51:30]
  • Shawn shares how he was able to surround himself with great mentors like Kevin O’Leary, Robert Herjavec, and David Chilton.[54:15]
  • The impact customer service has on a business’ bottom line. [1:02:35]
  • How surveys and secret shoppers can help keep your team on their toes and ensure high-quality customer service. [1:04:01]
  • Shawn talks about the Reynold Bros’ process of delivering incredible service to their customers. [01:04:37]
  • Why being open to learning is important for continuous improvement. [01:08:18]
  • How Shawn’s acting and producing career has helped make him a better entrepreneur and business leader. [01:09:55]
  • Shawn’s advice on where to draw amazing stories from. [01:12:59]
  • The top three books on Shawn’s list. [01:18:39]
  • Shawn’s most important piece of advice to home service businesses. [01:20:]

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