SearchKings was established in 2009, and has since built an impressive customer base of over 1200 business owners across North America. They were one of the only five Google Premier Partners that was selected for the Google Guarantee program. In this episode, we talked about search engine marketing, paid ads, customer service…

Show notes

  • Introducing Searchkings. [00:34]
  • What the Google Guarantee program is and what it means for home service businesses. [01:45]
  • The steps needed to become a Google Guaranteed company. [04:27]
  • How business owners can get more customers through the Google Guarantee program. [08:00]
  • How to avoid red flags in your background checks. [10:05]
  • What business owners can expect from the Google Guarantee program in the next six months. [14:44]
  • The extra steps that Google is taking to verify customer reviews. [15:49]
  • Darryl’s and Lorne’s advice to small businesses looking to get into the program. [18:52]
  • Google’s stance on soliciting reviews. [21:44]
  • Why the Google Guarantee Program is changing the game for local home service businesses. [23:45]
  • Why partnering with a Google premier partner like SearchKings can help your business dominate on Google. [29:35]
  • The top three books on Darryl and Lorne’s list. [31:10]
  • What the Google Guarantee means for organic search. [36:00]

Resources And People Mentioned:

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