Sean Michael Crane is the founder and CEO of Unstoppable #365MFR, an Elite Self-Mastery Program for Men looking to maximize their results in all aspects of life. He is the host of the Unstoppable Mindset Podcast found on YouTube and all major platforms. Sean is also the best-selling author of his memoir “Prison Of Your Own, Break Free Of Limitations And Unlock Your True Potential,” which describes his journey from a hopeless adolescent, depressed and addicted to drugs and alcohol to a man living a life of purpose today.

In this episode, we talked about growth mindsets, business relationships, fitness routines, discipline…

Show notes

  • Introducing Sean Michael Crane. [2:17]
  • Updates since Sean’s last appearance on the podcast. [3:29]
  • Why you should start delegating your responsibilities. [8:19]
  • Success stories from Sean’s previous clients. [9:50]
  • The importance of social media on your brand. [13:33]
  • How to deal with haters on social media. [15:52]
  • Situations when personal lives begin affecting work lives. [18:58]
  • Healthy mindsets that lead to deeper connections. [20:44]
  • Networking to land more speaking opportunities. [23:38]
  • The role of competitiveness in all industries. [32:37]
  • Prioritizing tasks and setting up systems is the key. [38:20]
  • The connection between mental clarity, physical health, and business. [46:35]
  • Strategies to get the results you want instantly. [53:28]
  • What to expect from Sean at the Freedom Event. [55:34]
  • Two books on Sean’s reading list. [59:48]
  • Sean’s most important piece of advice to home service business owners. [1:01:16]

Resources And People Mentioned:


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