Scott Harkey is the co-founder and managing partner of OH Partners, one of the fastest-growing independent advertising agencies in the United States. Crowned by the American Advertising Federation of Phoenix as its Ad Person of the Year in 2018, Scott is a member of the 4A’s Business Council. He is also on the Arizona Republic’s “35 under 35 Entrepreneurs” and the Phoenix Business Journal’s “40 under 40” lists.

In this episode, we talked about advertising, marketing strategy, media buying…

Show notes

  • Introducing Scott Harkey. [1:24]
  • Scott’s new book, and his progress on it so far. [3:33]
  • More information about Scott: how he got started, and how he became infatuated with marketing. [5:51]
  • The company culture at Scott’s office, and how social media is shaping the world of marketing. [10:08]
  • The story of Dollar Shave Club, why entertainment companies understand better than anyone how to tell a great story, and why it’s a great time to be in business. [13:27]
  • How to pick the media platforms you’ll be active on, and the concept of brand love. [17:58]
  • How to understand the real reason why you did well (or poorly) sales-wise. [22:50]
  • Why Scott dislikes the idea of the marketing funnel. [25:33]
  • Why casino loyalty models work, and how to apply that thinking to your business. [30:52]
  • How the home service space can make the most out of gamification. [33:38]
  • Scott’s take on the pandemic, and how he sees it coming to an end. [37:09]
  • On whether you should “jump out when everybody’s jumping in,” and vice versa. [44:14]
  • How to choose the right person to run the business alongside you. [47:39]
  • How to find great people to join your organization. [54:55]
  • Scott’s quick tips for buying media. [57:49] 
  • How to get more information about Scott. [59:29]
  • Three books on Scott’s reading list. [1:00:47]
  • Scott’s most important piece of advice to home service business owners. [1:02:01]

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