Rylee Meek strives to help entrepreneurs through the whole process of launching a dinner seminar marketing campaign through The Social Dynamic Selling System, a company that he founded in 2010. Over the course of eight years, Rylee has generated over $80 million in sales, and has worked with countless individuals and institutions for over a decade as a mentor and  motivational speaker.

In this episode, we talked about Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Relationship Marketing…

Show notes

  • Introducing Rylee Meek. [1:20]
  • What the The Social Dynamic Selling System is, and how it came to be. [2:19]
  • How to combine data with the right marketing tools to capture your audience. [6:10]
  • The six measurables for gauging the success of a marketing campaign. [12:22]
  • How data granularity can give you an advantage in any kind of business. [21:32]
  • Nailing the nitty-gritty details of dinner marketing. [25:10]
  • The easiest way to get specific kinds of data about a certain audience demographic. [31:52]
  • Why it’s important to cross-reference and verify customer data. [35:22]
  • How creating scarcity and building emotion can influence buying decisions. [40:42]
  • How the Social Dynamic Selling System works. [44:30]
  • How to get more information about Rylee. [46:58]
  • Three books on Rylee’s reading list. [48:15]
  • Rylee’s most important piece of advice to home service business owners. [49:49]


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