Ryan Tansom is the co-founder of Arkona, with a mission to help entrepreneurs get clarity and control on how to intentionally grow the value of their company through Value Growth Education and Strategic CFO Services. He also hosts the “Intentional Growth” podcast, a podcast for entrepreneurs and business owners wanting to clarify a path toward a more valuable business and turn their vision into reality.

In this episode, we talked about investments, finance, budgeting, sales, long-term goals, value creation…

Show notes

  • Introducing Ryan Tansom. [1:25]
  • Ryan shares his journey with their family business and how he spent years to help it survive after the financial crisis hit. [2:51]
  • What Ryan does and the services they offer to their customers. [7:31]
  • Spending enough money on services to go about your day without worries. [13:53]
  • How budgeting should be done. [27:40]
  • The “pilot analogy” and its relation to navigating through business struggles. [37:27]
  • How data can be useful in solving problems together with your employees. [41:30]
  • What open book management is all about. [43:42]
  • The scope of financial education one needs to be able to understand information handed to them. [45:41]
  • How the Intentional Growth™ Framework can help business owners turn their vision for their business into a reality. [47:54]
  • The importance of having goals and destinations in business planning. [53:18]
  • Why you need valuable information in taking action towards your goals. [56:15]
  • People with good working habits vs. people who often get hammered with problems. [57:55]
  • Three things that every entrepreneur wants to accomplish. [58:57]
  • How to get more information about Ryan. [1:02:23]
  • How the Intentional Growth™ Financial Assessment works. [1:03:10] 
  • A few books on Ryan’s reading list. [1:04:35]
  • Ryan’s most important piece of advice to home service business owners. [1:07:55]

Resources And People Mentioned:


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