Ryan Paugh is the co-founder of the Young Entrepreneur Council, an exclusive organization for entrepreneurs under 45 seeking to bolster their business credibility and forge lasting professional relationships. A well-known figure in the world of community-building, Ryan is also the co-founder of Brazen Technologies, a company that specializes in helping professionals create more meaningful connections through convenient technological solutions. 

In this episode, we talked about networking, entrepreneurship, community building…

Show notes

  • Introducing Ryan Paugh. [1:22]
  • Some background information on Ryan—how he started, and how he got to where he is now. [2:36]
  • What community-building is, and why it matters. [4:02]
  • Information on the Young Entrepreneur Council, and how it has empowered numerous entrepreneurs, including Tommy himself. [5:09]
  • What made Ryan decide to take the leap from being an employee to being an entrepreneur. [12:54]
  • Ryan’s advice to owners who are still in the employee framework–and why they need to get out of it. [14:40]
  • What a great leader and CEO looks like. [19:56]
  • Ryan’s best way of giving employees a voice within the company, their job, and their future [23:47]
  • What Ryan looks for in a new employee. [27:35]
  • The importance of delegation, and why every business leader has to master it. [33:05]
  • Why documentation is a must to ensure any successful system. [36:44]
  • How often you should examine and assess your employee manual and your standard operating procedures. [38:33]
  • How to build an enticing office culture that encourages people to work for you. [41:33]
  • One major thing that Ryan would change in his past experiences that would have made the last two decades of his professional journey easier. [45:09]
  • How signing up at homeserviceexpert.com/yec will get a major discount when they join YEC. [51:00]
  • More information about Ryan’s book, The Super Connector. [54:35]
  • Three books on Ryan’s reading list. [56:50]
  • Ryan’s most important piece of advice to home service business owners. [59:40]
  • Ryan’s activities and trips with colleagues, and how they help him become better at what he does. [1:01:54]


Resources And People Mentioned:


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