Ryan Englin is the CEO of Core Matters and an Advisor of Fathom. Core Matters helps out blue-collar companies in the hiring and retention process of their employees. Ryan shares his expertise in a podcast entitled “Blue Collar Culture Podcast” where he highlights success stories and shares secrets to winning with blue-collar culture. He also published a book titled “How to Hire the Ones You Won’t Want to Fire: The Art of Pulling Back Their Mask to Really Know the Person You’re About to Hire.”

In this episode, we talked about hiring, recruiting, employee retention, training…

Show notes

  • Introducing Ryan Englin. [1:04]
  • How Ryan started his work 10 years ago. [04:31]
  • The real reason why people leave their jobs. [08:09]
  • Figuring out your core values. [11:37]
  • Why employee referrals play an important role in the hiring process. [15:34]
  • How to keep your employees engaged in the workplace. [23:18]
  • The four platforms Ryan uses in the hiring process. [26:11]
  • The most important thing in hiring. [28:32]
  • Why things fail in the retention process. [36:56]
  • Keeping the best environment for your employees. [39:26]
  • Why Ryan chose to write his book. [50:46]
  • What Ryan thinks of businesses impacted by seasonality. [53:23]
  • How to contact Ryan. [57:00]
  • Three books in Ryan’s reading list. [57:21]
  • Ryan’s most important advice to business owners. [59:23]

Resources And People Mentioned:


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