Rick Cesari specializes in direct response strategies and video marketing. A direct-to-consumer marketing consultant with over two decades of professional experience, he has used these techniques to help build iconic brands such as The Juiceman, Sonicare, The George Foreman Grill, OxiClean, and GoPro, and grow companies from start-ups to over a billion dollars in sales. 

In this episode, we talked about direct response marketing and television marketing, strategic marketing plans, branding, video production…

Show notes

  • Introducing Rick Cesari. [1:25]
  • How Rick got his start in marketing. [3:31]
  • The power of a brand, starting with a brand and building a brand. [7:31]
  • Why running a business also means being a marketer. [10:00]
  • Telling the brand story, and why it’s so effective for marketing. [12:30]
  • The single, most powerful branding tool you can ever have. [15:43]
  • Some basics and gold nuggets about video production. [19:12]
  • The two sides of the marketing equation, and how hiring the right people takes care of one of them. [22:16]
  • Understanding human psychology, the history of marketing, and techniques that work. [30:02]
  • Building a great company that gives back to the community. [34:26]
  • Guerrilla marketing, influencer marketing, and how to approach marketing on a limited budget. [36:17]
  • Why selling a product for a great amount of money doesn’t necessarily mean you’re ripping off people. [42:00]
  • Thinking outside of the box, and figuring out the right way to position your products. [44:29]
  • How to set the right price for your product. [48:57]
  • How to create that experience in your marketing message that can turn people into raving fans. [50:58]
  • Rick’s tips and golden nuggets on how to start the process of differentiation and really make yourself stand out from the crowd. [52:08]
  • How to get data and feedback from customers in an easy way. [54:42]
  • How to get more information about Rick. [55:55]
  • Ron’s most important piece of advice to home service business owners. [56:36]

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