Randy Stanbury is the author of The Small Business Freedom Formula, and is the founder and CEO of 4 Level Coach, the leading business coaching partner for entrepreneurs in the skilled trades. At only 23 years of age, he founded Service Freight Systems in 1995, from his bedroom in his parent’s house. As the decades passed, he grew the business until it generated multiple-millions-of-dollars in annual revenue and eventually sold it for a considerable amount. Now, he works with entrepreneurs in finding freedom by leveraging employees’ strengths.

In this episode, we talked about coaching, leadership, entrepreneurship, strategy…

Show notes

  • Introducing Randy Stanbury. [1:22]
  • How the pandemic has affected Randy’s business operations. [2:18]
  • Why entrepreneurs struggle with accountability so much. [5:34]
  • How to focus on, and become better at, prioritizing. [6:32]
  • The biggest thing that stops entrepreneurs from taking risks and accelerating in business. [8:37]
  • How to approach building an amazing team. [12:20]
  • What to look for when hiring an employee, and why company culture matters. [14:08]
  • What you have to do if you want to implement positive change in your business. [20:33]
  • Why giving to the community and being charitable benefits all sides. [23:58]
  • How to make your business attractive and inspiring enough to attract the best team members. [27:17]
  • Why milestones and targets matter, and how they help struggling businesses stay on course.  [32:36]
  • Understanding what your biggest investment in your business truly is. [38:15]
  • How having the right systems in place can make achieving your business goals possible. [41:41]
  • How the Profit Multiplier program works. [44:28] 
  • The seven steps of scaling, and how to apply them in your business. [51:13]
  • How to get Randy’s book. [53:25]
  • Three books on Randy’s reading list. [54:27]
  • Randy’s most important piece of advice to home service business owners. [55:35]

Resources And People Mentioned:


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