Randy Brothers is an expert at all things roofing: from estimating to marketing to recruiting the right people. He founded not just a multi-million dollar roofing company in Colorado, but also The Roofing Academy, an all-online virtual training curriculum for roofing business owners. He has hired and trained over 50 people, and has built systems and processes for nearly every aspect of roofing.

In this episode, we talked about roofing, marketing, recruiting…

Show notes

  • Introducing Randy Brothers. [1:21]
  • How the roofing business works. [3:03]
  • A little bit about Randy’s professional journey. [4:40]
  • Some of the struggles of the people Randy has trained. [7:15]
  • The importance of accountability. [9:33]
  • How to pay people who really get things done and push people forward to give them some type of ownership. [12:39]
  • Randy’s experiences in working with someone who fell back into their old bad work habits. [17:37]
  • The biggest obstacle and the low point for Randy. [20:53]
  • Information on The Roofing Academy, and how someone who wants to learn about roofing could maximize it. [27:40]
  • The benefits of developing a buyers group for your niche. [30:07]
  • Tried-and-tested branding, marketing, and relationship building practices that have helped Randy grow Elite Roofing by 150% in 3 years. [31:49]
  • Randy’s secret to getting great people. [43:44]
  • How to use the barbecue test to determine whether or not people fit in. [49:42]
  • Three books on Randy’s reading list. [53:53]
  • How to get more information about Randy. [55:10]
  • Randy’s most important piece of advice to home service business owners. [55:38]

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