Philip Zimmerman is the President of Engineering Leadership Design, LLC and the author of Unleash the Millennials and Save The World. With over 30 years of executive corporate leadership experience and leadership development, Philip frequently shares his deep knowledge about next generation leader development, and millennial engagement at various conferences across the country.

In this episode, we talked about Millennial culture, loyalty, and engagement, attracting and tapping the Millennial workforce…

Show notes

  • Introducing Philip Zimmerman. [1:02]
  • More information about Philip. [2:28]
  • Insights on generational wealth transfer and the Millennial mindset. [04:09]
  • Cryptocurrency and its impact on global trade. [10:53]
  • Millennial culture and the Millennial change cycle [16:20]
  • The challenge with Uber-izing the home service industry, and technological dependencies. [23:40]
  • The outlook on staffing and labor shortage. [25:55]
  • The education landscape of Millennials. [29:29]
  • Adapting technological advancements such as CRM, API, and 3D printing. [36:15]
  • Thoughts on knowledge advancements. [42:03]
  • Attracting Millennial talent. [44:22]
  • Training and career development for Millennials. [45:09]
  • Three books on Philip’s reading list.  [52:53]
  • More information on the C4 Framework. [58:32]
  • Tips on selling to Millennials, from a home service perspective. [1:02:30]
  • Development from competency to mastery. [1:05:58]
  • How to get in touch with Philip. [1:08:37]
  • Philip’s most important piece of advice to entrepreneurs. [1:09:30]

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