Peter Sena is the CEO and Chief Creative Officer at Digital Surgeons, a global innovation & design consultancy firm based in Connecticut. Peter’s passion is to help brands and businesses better understand and serve their customers through the connection of design, technology, and marketing. In this episode, we talked about marketing, productivity, customer service…

Show notes

  • Introducing Peter Sena. [00:30]
  • Where should a business start when they want to get into digital marketing. [04:22]
  • How the 80/20 rule applies to home service business owners. [09:36]
  • Peter’s CRM platform recommendation for small businesses. [15:41]
  • Three ways to make money in the home service business industry. [16:48]
  • The role a CRM plays in making more money for your home service business. [17:33]
  • Peter’s simple definition of what a marketing funnel is. [22:26]
  • How reviewing your calls and listening for keywords can improve your content marketing strategy. [30:23]
  • Why it’s important to have a chatbot on your website. [35:31]
  • Peter’s take on direct response marketing. [42:55]
  • Why you shouldn’t ask for the sale right away. [45:04]
  • Why brand experience is crucial in creating a lasting business. [46:41]
  • The number one way to build a brand today. [53:14]
  • The one book on Peter’s reading list. [54:13]

Resources And People Mentioned:

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