Peter Lewis is an entrepreneur based in Ephrata, Pennsylvania. He is the president of 7XDirect, a firm that specializes in lead generation and advertising for HVAC companies. 7XDirect’s long-term vision is to become the best marketing for home services that money can buy.

In this episode, we talked about marketing, blogging, data analysis, social media, lead generation…

Show notes

  • Introducing Peter Lewis. [1:12]
  • More information about Peter’s experiences. [3:00]
  • Some of the “secret sauces” that set 7XDirect apart from other agencies. [7:30]
  • Using social media to get in front of potential customers and get them to act. [11:36]
  • Choosing which social media platform to focus on first. [14:11]
  • The key attributes that a good advertisement should have. [15:33]
  • Choosing a city to advertise in: whether to go for a bigger or smaller location. [18:56]
  • Finding great people for your team. [21:16]
  • Effective strategies for email marketing and text marketing. [25:39]
  • An ideal way to allocate a 100,000-dollar budget for Facebook ads, PPC, and other digital marketing platforms. [29:20]
  • How the 7XDirect team generated more than a million dollars of revenue for a client in the last six months, and what made that client different from everyone else. [31:47]
  • Understanding why text and email marketing strategies aren’t returning desirable results. [34:56]
  • On handling objections, training employees, and consistency. [36:09]
  • Changing one’s perspective on using social media beyond simply maintaining personal, non-business relationships. [37:31]
  • The importance of specialization versus being a jack-of-all-trades. [40:32]
  • How to get more information about Peter. [42:00]
  • Three books on Peter’s reading list. [42:50]
  • Peter’s most important piece of advice to home service business owners. [44:35]

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