Paul Akers is the Owner and President of FastCap, and the author of the best-selling book 2-Second Lean. FastCap is an international product manufacturer with distribution in over 40 countries, and is recognized as a Lean leader among American manufacturers. In this episode, we talked about productivity, mindset, operations…

Show notes

  • Introducing Paul Akers. [00:30]
  • How Paul discovered the Lean methodology. [01:22]
  • The essence of the Lean methodology. [03:44]
  • How Paul applies the lean method to his personal life. [05:22]
  • Why Paul prefers recorded videos or audio over live calls. [06:30]
  • How to get into the mindset of continuous improvement. [08:49]
  • The best place to start implementing Lean. [11:16]
  • Why quality is more important than the cost. [17:56]
  • How the bathrooms in Paul’s company are kept speckless. [19:04]
  • Why operational excellence is the best marketing. [21:02]
  • The two things you need to do to make Lean work for your business. [24:49]
  • What the home service industry could learn from Lean. [25:38]
  • The mindset that you need to succeed in business and in life. [27:07]
  • The easy first step to start implementing Lean. [36:44]
  • How Paul stopped using email in his business. [37:24]
  • Where to get more information about Paul. [40:29]
  • Four books on Paul’s reading list. [47:25]
  • Paul’s most important piece of advice to home service business owners. [48:22]

Resources And People Mentioned:

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