Parker is the CEO of Answer 1, a virtual receptionist and business answering service that caters to businesses from various industries. Among many of Answer 1’s achievements include maintaining a 0.01% complaint rate of number of calls answered, and making it to the Inc 5000 List of 2012. In this episode, we talked about customer service, marketing, hiring…

Show notes

  • Introducing Parker Davis. [00:36]
  • The number one business challenge for businesses in the customer service industry. [1:55]
  • How to develop your culture to attract the right people to your company. [3:47]
  • The most important thing Parker looks for in an employee. [4:08]
  • Parker reveals the two secrets to delighting customers. [4:27]
  • How Parker’s team does quality assurance for the customer service that they provide. [5:35]
  • Why it’s important for home service businesses to have a good CRM. [6:46]
  • Why considering customer service as a cost center instead of a critical business function is the biggest mistake entrepreneurs make. [08:26]
  • How Answer 1 achieved record revenues while also being one of the top companies to work for in Arizona. [9:54]
  • How Answer 1 acts as an integral part of their clients’ businesses. [11:41]
  • Why some of the businesses that have been doing things the same way need to start adopting technology. [13:48]
  • How educating consumers to make informed decisions benefits your bottom line. [15:30]
  • The three customer service KPIs that matter. [18:39]
  • How Answer 1 achieves a complaint rate of less than 0.01% on the number of calls they answer. [19:40]
  • Parker talks about Answer 1’s ideal client persona. [21:33]
  • How to get more potential customers calling in. [23:25]
  • The marketing metrics you should focus on, along with your booking rate. [27:18]
  • Parker’s take on Interactive Voice Response (IVR) tech. [32:34]
  • Why Parker believes that there’s a missed opportunity in pricing expedited services. [33:48]
  • How to test whether leading with price is an effective approach for your business. [37:50]
  • One book that Parker highly recommends. [39:31]
  • Where to get more information about Answer 1. [39:55]

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