The Home Service Expert podcast is the No. 1 podcast for ambitious home service entrepreneurs. In this show, I will talk with the best entrepreneurs and experts in the home service industry and beyond, to share insights that have made them successful: from the newest marketing tools to the best scaling strategies.

Previous podcast guests include Terry Nicholson (former national trainer of NYSE-listed home services company), Craig Smith (President of HomeAdvisor, a home services marketplace valued at $2B+) etc.

E40: Achieving Permanent Profitability by Taking Profit First

Mike Michalowicz is a serial entrepreneur and the founder of the Profit First Professionals. He is also an accomplished author of many bestselling business books such as The Pumpkin Plan and Profit First, and has made several appearances as a guest expert on many TV shows, including CNBC’s On the Money and MSNBC. His passion lies in helping entrepreneurs achieve profitability so that they can live the vision that they’ve had for themselves. In this episode, we talked about profitability, leadership, hiring…

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E39: Taking Your Marketing To The Next Level

Josh Elizetxe is an internet advertising veteran who started his impressive entrepreneurial journey at the age of 13. He has since built an 8-figure online business portfolio, and is currently a sought-after company advisor and angel investor in the advertising and technology industries. In this episode, we talked about influencer marketing, hiring, customer service…

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E38: Mastering The Financial Side Of Your Business

Justin Krane is a certified financial planner and a money strategist for business owners. He founded Krane Financial Solutions, and frequently guests as a financial expert on popular TV shows such as CBS and Fox Business News. His mission is to help business owners better understand the financial side of their business. In this episode, we talked about cash flow, scaling, revenue generation…

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E37: Generating Loads of Leads in a Cost Effective Way

Todd Bairstow is the founder and co-president at Keyword Connects, an online performance marketing company for home improvement businesses. Aside from being a Premier Google Partner, Keyword Connects is known for its performance-based model, wherein clients only pay per lead, making it very popular for companies in the home service industry. In this episode, we talked about hyperlocal marketing, branding, lead generation…

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E36: Connecting Marketing, Design and Technology To Better Serve Your Customers

Peter Sena is the CEO and Chief Creative Officer at Digital Surgeons, a global innovation & design consultancy firm based in Connecticut. Peter’s passion is to help brands and businesses better understand and serve their customers through the connection of design, technology, and marketing. In this episode, we talked about marketing, productivity, customer service…

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E35: Building Your Online Presence The Right Way

Jody Underhill is an accomplished social media strategist and the director of Green Elephant Agency, an online marketing agency based in South Carolina. Jody has worked with various marketing experts like Russell Brunson and Frank Kern. He has also helped over 150 businesses in the development of their marketing strategy, ranging from solopreneurs to Fortune 100 companies. In this episode, we talked about marketing, hiring, customer service…

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E34: Achieving Freedom By Taking Control of Your Financial Future

Damion Lupo is the CEO & Founder of Total Control Financial, an Austin-based company that provides retirement solutions and support. He is a sought-after financial consultant from high profile clients, and serves as a financial mentor and host to the Transformation Nation podcast. Damion’s mission is to help 1 million people achieve financial freedom, by empowering them to take control of their financial future. In this episode, we talked about profitability, operations, hiring…

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E33: Building And Leading a High Performing Team

Troy Timmer is a registered corporate coach and business consultant at Certified Contractors Network. Troy is passionate about helping entrepreneurs become high performers by providing them with the right tools, skills, and proven processes to run their businesses. In this episode, we talked about customer service, leadership, marketing…

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E32: Delivering Better Customer Experience Through Analytics

Brian Courtney is the CEO of LifeWhere, a product that focuses on bringing predictive analytics for home utilities. Through LifeWhere’s predictive analysis technology, Brian aims to empower consumers to understand their home equipment better, so that they can make better educated decisions. In this episode, we talked about customer service, sales, profitability…

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