The Home Service Expert podcast is the No. 1 podcast for ambitious home service entrepreneurs. In this show, I will talk with the best entrepreneurs and experts in the home service industry and beyond, to share insights that have made them successful: from the newest marketing tools to the best scaling strategies.

Previous podcast guests include Terry Nicholson (former national trainer of NYSE-listed home services company), Craig Smith (President of HomeAdvisor, a home services marketplace valued at $2B+) etc.

E99: How to Build A CRM System To Deliver An Outstanding Customer Experience

Dave Smith is the head of Sendogo, and has become a master of marketing systems, particularly CRMs, over the course of three decades. Dave uses his extensive experience and expertise in sales, marketing, relationship building and business growth and development to help businesses adopt more efficient systems for relationship management without losing that crucial personalized element.

In this episode, we talked about sales and marketing, CRM, relationship marketing…

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E98: How to Consistently Hit Your Revenue Goals With Cold Outreach

Aaron Ross is a global keynote speaker who specializes in helping people and companies make money in sustainable, predictable ways. Aaron is the bestselling author of “Predictable Revenue” and the co-author of “From Impossible to Inevitable,” detailing various best practices for companies to grow faster with outbound sales systems.

In this episode, we talked about outbound sales, business growth, predictable revenue…

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E97: How To Assemble Your A-Team With The Three Rules of Hiring

Randy Brothers is an expert at all things roofing: from estimating to marketing to recruiting the right people. He founded not just a multi-million dollar roofing company in Colorado, but also The Roofing Academy, an all-online virtual training curriculum for roofing business owners. He has hired and trained over 50 people, and has built systems and processes for nearly every aspect of roofing.

In this episode, we talked about roofing, marketing, recruiting…

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E96: How to Transform Your CRM Into a Time-Saving Machine

Logan Shinholser owns Full Sail Marketing, helping contractor companies build their brands and attract more customers over the last six years. He is also the host of the Contractor Growth Network podcast, where he shares his expertise in inbound marketing, residential contracting, marketing, construction, lead generation, and entrepreneurship with his listeners.

In this episode, we talked about relationship marketing, digital marketing, SEO…

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E95: How To Take Your Time Back By Becoming A Master In Delegation

Ryan Paugh is the co-founder of the Young Entrepreneur Council, an exclusive organization for entrepreneurs under 45 seeking to bolster their business credibility and forge lasting professional relationships. A well-known figure in the world of community-building, Ryan is also the co-founder of Brazen Technologies, a company that specializes in helping professionals create more meaningful connections through convenient technological solutions.

In this episode, we talked about networking, entrepreneurship, community building…

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E94: Boosting Your Sales By Thousands Of Dollars Through Effective Website Optimization

Matthew Woodward is a search engine optimization specialist and the director of Search Logistics, a company that helps its clients maximize the impact of their digital presence. A multi-awarded speaker and subject matter expert who has published over 240 tutorials to date, he has established multimillion-dollar brands, and has been invited to speak at numerous events and lectures across the world.

In this episode, we talked about search engine optimization, digital marketing, blogging…

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E93: How To Consistently Get New Customers By Putting Relationships First

Kody Bateman is the founder and chief visionary officer of SendOutCards, an international greeting card company that presents busy professionals with an innovative way to maintain deep business and personal connections via the digital medium. He shares his wisdom, gained from years of experience in the professional and entrepreneurial arenas, with audiences worldwide as a speaker and author.

In this episode, we talked about relationship marketing, entrepreneurship, personal development and marketing strategies…

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E92: Creating Scarcity and Building Emotion to Acquire More Customers

Rylee Meek strives to help entrepreneurs through the whole process of launching a dinner seminar marketing campaign through The Social Dynamic Selling System, a company that he founded in 2010. Over the course of eight years, Rylee has generated over $80 million in sales, and has worked with countless individuals and institutions for over a decade as a mentor and  motivational speaker.

In this episode, we talked about Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Relationship Marketing…

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E91: Using The Five Ethical Principles Of Persuasion To Grow Your Business

Akbar Sheikh is the CEO of AkbarSheikh.com. He uses his expertise in branding, marketing, and storytelling to help business owners excel at entrepreneurship. He is the international bestselling author of the book Seven Figure Funnels, and has been featured on various media outlets and news sites. He also devotes time and energy towards giving and helping those in need, which he believes is his “greatest source of ROI.”

In this episode, we talked about persuasion, motivation, entrepreneurship…

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