Mike slogged for many hours before he found the key to success and built New Jersey’s largest home services company. Last year, he sold off the business to focus on helping other business owners. In this episode, we talked about business mindsets, marketing…

Show Notes

  • Introducing Mike Agugliaro. [00:30]
  • Mike’s early years. [02:13]
  • The idea Mike came up with to start saving his business. [04:30]
  • Why Mike paid $20,000 to Joe Polish for 8 hours of his time. [06:20] 
  • The best way to sell your business. [09:51]
  • Mike’s struggle with his then third business partner. [13:25]
  • How would Mike make more money from his current customers? [20:20]
  • The strategy Mike uses to visualize their company’s future. [22.50]
  • The four-day event Mike runs to help other business owners break limiting self-beliefs. [26:10]
  • Why there’s no such thing like bad marketing channels. [31:55]
  • Mike hated what he did back then, but found his passion again. [36:02]
  • The definition of personal power. [38:53]
  • Mike’s recommendation on the system that all business owners should build. [41:23]
  • You can be the Nordstrom company, or you can be the Walmart company. Which one? [45:24]
  • Mike’s counterintuitive recruiting principle. [48:21]
  • The top books on Mike’s list – both for business and life. [53:10]
  • Mike’s explains his concept, 9 Pillars of Business Mastery. [54:55]

Resources and People Mentioned

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