Michelle Myers is the founder and CEO of Pink Callers, a team of virtual assistants providing remote customer service for business owners seeking to automate their daily tasks. When she’s not busy ensuring that her company provides great service and inspires great reviews for their clients, Michelle works with other home service support businesses on an initiative called the Safe Distance Service Association, which is a free member association for home service businesses utilizing safe distance practices for their customers.

In this episode, we talked about business development, entrepreneurship, customer service, team building, social media, automation…

Show notes

  • Introducing Michelle Myers. [1:17]
  • How Michelle got started on her entrepreneurial path, and what helped her get to where she is today. [3:00]
  • About Pink Callers and virtual assistants, and how it all works. [6:22]
  • What Michelle found when she visited Tommy’s shop in Phoenix. [8:05]
  • The ideal size of a company to be able to maximize the value of what Pink Callers offers. [9:45]
  • KPIs to monitor, and why they’re important for business success. [11:16]
  • The pros and cons of the shift to remote consultations, especially in creating customer connections. [13:00]
  • Qualifying the lead, empathy, and identifying pain points of customers. [16:10]
  • The pros and cons of a CRM. [21:20]
  • What inspired Michelle to establish her business in this industry. [25:30]
  • How Pink Callers operates, and why it’s a lot like having a traditional employee for the client. [29:54]
  • The difference between hiring a team and building a team. [33:20]
  • Some of the objections that Michelle frequently gets from small businesses. [37:36]
  • How Michelle goes about hiring people, performance pay, and the incredible value of having a great team member. [43:41]
  • Some tips on subtly getting the word out about your brand in Facebook Groups, without outright advertising your business and breaking the “no advertising” rule. [55:22]
  • Three books on Michelle’s reading list. [59:01]
  • How to get more information about Michelle. [1:00:11]
  • Michelle’s most important piece of advice to home service business owners. [1:02:09]

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