Michel is an accomplished advisor on customer experience and employee engagement, with clients including McDonald’s and Verizon Wireless. He currently owns and operates Baro, a $10M/year restaurant with over a hundred members in the team. In this episode, we talked about employee engagement, leadership, as well as customer experience…

Show Notes

  • How Michel’s career jumped from a call center agent to a consultant to big brands. [02:17]
  • Michel talks about the factors that contributed to his growth. [03:56]
  • How content marketing put Michel on the radar of the companies he’s worked with. [04:30]
  • The three essentials in recruiting employees who care about your customers. [07:36]
  • A killer interview question to help you screen for the most customer-centric employees. [09:02]
  • Why Michel recommends internal recruiting for finding top performers. [11:45]
  • Michel’s most memorable failure and his most important takeaway. [15:30]
  • On managing non-performers: Michel’s best advice for entrepreneurs. [17:17]
  • How to get your best employees to attract top performers to your company. [19:33]
  • Michel walks us through Baro’s employee engagement strategy. [23:23]
  • Two unique questions that Michel asks applicants during the interview process. [23:55]
  • Michel talks about his view on letting employees go. [30:28]
  • The six-step process for assessing a person’s professionalism. [32:30]
  • How Michel’s company helps top performers move up the corporate ladder. [35:08]
  • Michel’s take on businesses built on processes. [38:33]
  • Why customer experience is your greatest form of marketing. [41:39]
  • The specific methods Michel implements to motivate his employees to do great work. [47:07]
  • The value in delivering micro customer experiences. [48:06]
  • The top three books on Michel’s list. [51:11]
  • Michel’s one piece of advice to home service businesses. [53:42]
  • Michel talks about sales and the customer experience. [56:23]
  • Examples of gamification for the sales team. [59:54]

Resources And People Mentioned

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