Michael is the Founder and CEO of Michael Baldwin Inc, a branding and coaching firm that aims to help individuals and companies to communicate their mission and passion through their brand. He is an accomplished speaker and leader in the communications industry, and has won several professional awards for his work in corporate branding, including the David Ogilvy Award of Leaders, the Cannes Gold Lion, and Ad Age’s “‘Best of the Year”’ TV Campaign award for copywriting. In this episode, we talked about branding, marketing, leadership…

Show notes

  • Introducing Michael Baldwin. [00:36]
  • How Michael got into advertising after dropping out of med school. [01:17]
  • Why speaking is crucial to building your personal brand. [03:20]
  • How having no brand for your business is analogous to having an empty dating profile. [06:11]
  • Michael’s take on how branding impacts your customers’ perceived value. [10:16]
  • The three things you need to do to create a solid brand. [11:31]
  • Why you don’t need an expensive team of experts to start branding your business. [15:41]
  • The important questions you need to answer to determine your brand. [16:47]
  • Michael shares the two most common branding mistakes that business owners make. [19:27]
  • The three qualities of a good brand, explained. [24:45]
  • Why having a consistent branding through and through is the most cost-effective way to earn the attention of your customers. [29:09]
  • The two challenges you’ll face in getting your brand out there. [31:14]
  • Michael’s message to business owners who think that the cheapest product or service always wins. [40:55]
  • Michael reveals his approach to get his whole team rowing in the same direction. [45:28]
  • How to get in touch with Michael. [50:22]
  • The top books on Michael’s list. [50:36]

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