Meridith Elliot Powell is an award-winning author, a public speaker, and a business strategist. She travels approximately 300 days a year for speaking engagements and hosts her own podcast, providing valuable business insights to entrepreneurs based on years of industry expertise and experience. She has been cited as one of the top 15 Business Growth experts to watch by Currency Fair.

In this episode, we talked about leadership, business development, sales, marketing, consulting…

Show notes

  • Introducing Meridith Elliot Powell. [1:32]
  • Meridith’s journey, and how she got to where she is today. [4:04]
  • How the coronavirus pandemic has affected businesses and caught everyone off-guard. [5:57]
  • The areas of business to watch in the near future, and more information on the businesses Meridith currently works with. [8:35]
  • More information on Meridith’s book about succession planning. [10:37]
  • The main topic of the book, and when you should start to think about succession planning. [12:47]
  • Essential versus nonessential businesses, and what either should be doing during this pandemic. [15:33]
  • Why Meridith is “obsessed” with P&G right now. [19:06]
  • What you should do to get in front of your ideal customers. [21:43]
  • Meridith as a keynote speaker, and her thoughts on pricing. [27:54]
  • More information on Meridith’s new book. [30:38]
  • The biggest challenge entrepreneurs currently face in dealing with the pandemic. [34:43]
  • Why mindfulness is so powerful. [38:56]
  • Why people lead with fear. [41:24]
  • Why happiness comes from progress. [45:28]
  • What Meridith would say is her core competency is that people hire her for. [46:00]
  • More information on the other books that Meridith is involved with. [46:34]
  • Three books on Meridith’s reading list. [47:44]
  • How to get more information about Meridith. [48:27]
  • Meridith’s most important piece of advice to home service business owners. [48:53]


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