Meaghan Likes is the founder of Bookkeeping Academy and owner of Likes Accounting. She uses her years of expertise and experience in helping small business owners do their bookkeeping correctly. An entrepreneur with five businesses in Northern California, Meaghan is a prominent figure in the window cleaning industry, and is the third fastest female window cleaner in the world. An active philanthropist since 2004, Meaghan devotes a considerable amount of her time to volunteering and traveling around the world for various charitable and caregiving advocacies.

In this episode, we talked about accounting, payroll, bookkeeping, tax prep consulting…

Show notes

  • Introducing Meaghan Likes. [1:11]
  • Some background information about Meaghan. [7:15]
  • Meaghan’s insights on the home service side of things, and how the coronavirus pandemic has affected their operations. [11:05]
  • What makes it challenging to own a business in California. [14:08]
  • Why some business owners find it challenging to know their numbers and stay on top of their business. [20:48]
  • How the whole concept of Parkinson’s Law and the book Profit First influenced Meaghan. [24:50]
  • The number one thing you need to do as a business owner when you’re starting out. [34:45]
  • Marketing versus advertising; things that are considered just part of marketing, but are actually absolute musts. [35:31]
  • How Meaghan found her niche market. [38:38]
  • The role of data, and why it’s important to know your numbers. [43:21]
  • Why you should be reinvesting your money into your business, and the right way to do it. [47:30]
  • The importance of bookkeeping and doing a regular financial health check. [54:38]
  • The typical onboarding process for Meaghan’s new clients. [58:10]
  • How small businesses lose their why, and how important it is to find it again. [1:00:05]
  • More information about Bookkeeping Academy. [1:01:11]
  • How to get more information about Meaghan. [1:06:22]
  • Three books on Meaghan’s reading list. [1:07:35]
  • Meaghan’s most important piece of advice to home service business owners. [1:12:00]

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