Matthew Mottola is the co-founder and CEO of Venture L, the leading platform for freelancers to run their business. He is the author of The Human Cloud, and is a Forbes contributor on leadership in the freelance economy. He’s been featured in Forbes and Fortune, and was named one of the top 50 remote work experts to follow.

In this episode, we talked about remote work, technology, automation, freelancing, digital platforms…

Show notes

  • Introducing Matthew Mottola. [1:26]
  • More information on Matthew. [3:56]
  • Thoughts on digital tools for automation, communication, and contract work. [5:58]
  • Some pointers on finding great freelancers to work with. [8:00]
  • Why people are afraid to embrace new software and changes in technology. [11:44]
  • Understanding the intent and maximizing the potential of technology solutions. [16:39]
  • The “hack” for determining success in delegating tasks. [19:42]
  • How remote work has changed because of the pandemic. [23:57]
  • Thoughts on “trust, but verify” and trusting through actual outcomes. [28:43]
  • Understanding what wireframing means. [31:25]
  • Why software is primarily prioritization. [33:12]
  • Whether or not automation will take over people’s jobs. [35:46]
  • Thoughts on China, globalization, and the decentralized adoption of cryptocurrency. [41:45]
  • Technologies and tools that home service business professionals and owners should be learning about and investing in. [46:40]
  • One of the biggest mistakes that companies make when utilizing technology. [50:46]
  • More information about The Human Cloud. [56:32]
  • How to get more information about Matthew. [59:15]
  • Three books on Matthew’s reading list. [1:00:13]
  • Matthew’s most important piece of advice to home service business owners. [1:02:32]

Resources And People Mentioned:


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