Matt Michel is an internationally recognized, highly acclaimed motivational and informational speaker. He is the founder of Service Nation Inc., which operates the Service Roundtable, the world’s largest contractor alliance. Matt was the 35th and youngest person inducted into the Contracting Business Hall of Fame, and was named one of the 22 most influential people in the history of the residential HVAC/R industry by Contracting Business Magazine.

In this episode, we talked about strategic planning, marketing strategy, entrepreneurship…

Show notes

  • Introducing Matt Michel. [1:35]
  • Why HVAC and plumbing have done really well despite the pandemic. [3:28]
  • How Matt got started, and what really got him into Service Roundtable. [5:20]
  • What Service Roundtable is all about, the people who should get involved with it, and how it’s different from other organizations. [6:40]
  • How Matt and the group help professionals who “know how to turn a wrench, not a profit.” [9:26]
  • The mentality that keeps small contractors small, and one of the most important characteristics of a successful contractor. [12:00]
  • The ingredients of a successful strategic plan for growing a business that most people aren’t thinking about. [17:13]
  • Why it’s important to have a board of advisers/directors in growing your business. [18:53]
  • Why you should be familiar with the most important aspects of your business, and building a process-centric business. [21:57]
  • The one thing that’s holding most people back from prosperity in the home service industry. [26:05]
  • Why you absolutely have to wrap your truck, and why you should surround yourself with successful people.  [29:25]
  • What’s in Matt’s book, The Power of Positive Pricing, and what people can learn from it. [33:14]
  • How flat rate changes the game, and what you need to be able to price high. [38:34]
  • Some unique and interesting marketing ideas that Matt has encountered that actually make sense. [45:20]
  • Servant leadership, and a real-life example that shows how and why a successful entrepreneur puts himself last. [54:15]
  • Three books on Matt’s reading list. [55:56]
  • How to get more information about Matt. [58:48]
  • Matt’s most important piece of advice to home service business owners. [59:20]


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