Matt Jones is a digital marketing expert formerly from the plumbing industry. He is a founding partner and digital expert of Tradiematepro, and is also the owner and facilitator of The Site Shed podcast. Matt’s passion lies in helping contractors develop the competencies they need to win at business. In this episode, we talked about digital marketing, contracting, business leadership…

Show notes

  • Introducing Matt Jones. [0:36]
  • Matt’s plumbing experience, and how he got into marketing. [1:16]
  • What most contractors are lacking the most when it comes to going out and aggressively getting new business. [5:55]
  • The process of crafting and telling a business’s story. [8:08]
  • How to make the storytelling process simple and easy for a home service business owner. [10:18]
  • Matt shares out-of-the-box  marketing recommendations for those who want to grow a “real” business with employees. [13:44]
  • What Matt tells entrepreneurs to get them in the marketing game and have them start playing, but also “keeping score.” [18:50]
  • Matt’s experiences in marketing with co-op. [26:10]
  • The benefits of making connections within the industry and partnership marketing. [29:07]
  • The differences between the US and Australia in terms of how business is done. [30:55]
  • Insights on the right approach to doing business, as far as pricing is concerned. [36:21]
  • When a business owner should slow down on the marketing. [42:12]
  • The primary goal of taking the lead in a business. [46:38]
  • The first step to take in getting involved in digital marketing. [49:11]
  • Seven important books on Matt’s reading list. [52:29]

Resources And People Mentioned:

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