Martha Woodward is the co-founder of Quality Driven Software, a successful service business in Oklahoma. Despite living 90 miles away from it, Martha leads her employees effectively with a hands-off management style that she developed over the years. A frequent speaker and online teacher, she emphasizes the need for company culture turnaround and workforce empowerment. Her methods have helped many entrepreneurs develop a self-directed, self-motivated company culture that lets them enjoy freedom in their business.

In this episode, we talked about recruitment, employee retention, customer service, business management…

Show notes

  • Introducing Martha Woodward. [1:42]
  • More information on Martha: her career path and her future plans. [3:16]
  • Identifying the right amount of growth. [5:08]
  • What a good percentage of revenue looks like. [6:37]
  • How performance pay, when properly implemented, can solve productivity headaches. [7:08]
  • How to figure out what motivates your staff. [11:18]
  • Implementing the WIG model, and creating operating procedures and reports that you can count on to make sure you’re not creating headaches. [19:52]
  • How to handle an A-player that just doesn’t fit in with the company culture. [22:33]
  • How the hands-off model of transparency and accountability that made Quality Driven Software a success was developed. [26:11]
  • Where most owners go wrong when it comes to implementing the pay for performance strategy in their business. [29:05]
  • Effective mechanisms to make sure every customer of a particular business is getting some type of way to rate the service. [34:41]
  • A tried and tested customer service strategy that has yielded success. [37:54]
  • The benefits of developing brand loyalty, even in just a small neighborhood of potential customers.[42:43]
  • The best way to ask for a referral. [44:36]
  • How to get the customers that already left an internal review to go out and leave one on a publicly accessible review site. [48:27]
  • How to get more information about Martha. [51:51]
  • Three books on Martha’s reading list. [52:02]
  • Martha’s most important piece of advice to home service business owners. [53:36]

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