Colonel Martha McSally is an American politician and former military pilot who served as a United States senator for Arizona from 2019 to 2020. Martha is a real-life Top-Gun lady, pioneering combat-proven leader, inspirational speaker, and a celebrated author of the book “Dare to Fly.” She is also an expert on building excellent teams founded on camaraderie, trust, and the ability to perform under pressure when the stakes are incredibly high. Now, she takes these lessons from the cockpit and the skies of Afghanistan to equip teams to reach maximum potential as high-performing individuals and significantly contributing teams within organizations.

In this episode, we talked about team building, task delegation, managing people…

Show notes

  • Introducing Martha McSally. [2:10]
  • The story behind how Martha got into the military scene. [5:11]
  • The journey to becoming a fighter pilot. [10:43]
  • The reason why mental health is crucial in businesses. [16:09]
  • Finding solutions instead of going for the “blame game.” [18:51]
  • Figuring out about the things you can control today. [20:36]
  • How to make good decisions in life. [25:19]
  • Focusing on the essentials and learning how to leverage them. [34:26]
  • The biggest mistake most business owners make. [33:19]
  • The eight steps of delegation. [38:29]
  • Martha shares her experiences in military training. [40:11]
  • The growth mindset and planning your next goal. [47:38]
  • Why technicians should bring their significant others into the industry. [52:32]
  • What audiences can expect from the Freedom Event. [55:36]
  • How to get more information about Martha. [57:21]
  • Four books on Martha’s reading list. [58:15]
  • Martha’s most important piece of advice to home service business owners. [59:49]

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