Mark Hunter is the bestselling author of High Profit Prospecting and A Mind for Sales. Well-versed in the various areas of sales—from prospecting to maximizing price—Mark utilizes over three decades’ worth of sales leadership experience to help salespeople get into the right mindset and sell more effectively. As a true expert in the field, Mark has been recognized as one of the “Top 50 Most Influential Sales and Marketing Leaders in the World.”

In this episode, we talked about sales process strategy, sales management, prospecting, maximizing price…

Show notes

  • Introducing Mark Hunter. [1:21]
  • How Mark got started in sales. [3:18]
  • How to set the right prices for selling, and the aspects you should really be looking into. [5:14]
  • How to get the buy-in from your team, to forget about themselves and start selling for what’s best for the customer and asking the right questions. [10:09]
  • How to identify the real decision-maker and make that sale. [13:35]
  • Knowing the lane you should play in, and the ideal customer profile (ICP). [17:54]
  • Why you should always start by providing the best option. [20:55]
  • More about Mark’s diverse clientele. [21:25]
  • Why price-oriented customers are bound to be the most high-maintenance customers you’ll ever have. [25:10]
  • Why the process of treating your customers right starts with your employees, and how company culture shapes your employee’s attitudes towards your customers. [27:33]
  • Tips and pointers for getting the right people on your team. [31:41]
  • Why people are prone to giving negative feedback, and how to handle those situations. [38:07]
  • The importance of “setting the stage” and setting the customer’s expectations.  [41:12]
  • The perfect time to ask for a referral from clients. [43:02]
  • Three books on Mark’s reading list. [47:22]
  • How to get more information about Mark. [48:26]
  • Mark’s most important piece of advice to home service business owners. [48:45]


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